Facial Treatments Bankstown

Ultimate luxury facials driven by results.

Our Facial Fusion treatments have the best of both worlds;


At OC Skin, we are the leaders in Sydney’s South West for skin facial treatments. We offer a range of facials for those who are looking for a more traditional blackheads extraction facial all the way to an anti-ageing and lifting facial.
Being a Babor Skincare partner means we offer premium product infusions with scientifically driven restults.
Our clinic in the heart of Bankstown merges luxury and style with facial treatments that will leave your skin clear, rejuvenated and glowing.

LED Light Facial

Cleanse, Serum Infusion, LED Light.

Double cleanse, followed by a serum infusion while relaxing under the LED treatment to further penetrate the skin and work internally to help target specific skin concerns.

Price: $99

Micro- Dermabrasion Facial

Cleanse, microdermabrasion, Moisturise.

Starting with a cleanse, followed by a diamond microdermabrasion to mildly suction and remove dead skin and clean pores. Finishing off with a moisturiser to hydrate the freshly cleansed skin.

Price: $119

Extraction Facial

Cleanse, Micro, extractions, Moisturise.


This facial includes a double cleanse, light microdermabrasion session with a focus on manual extractions to clean out blackheads and pores. Finished with a moisturiser to replenish the skin.

Price: $129

OC Traditional

Deep cleanse, scrub and  extractions, leaving skin clean, clear and bright. 

The OC Traditional is just that, Tradional! This facial includes a double cleanse, scrub, extractions, enzymatic mask, and a customized skin booster infusion.

Designed with Dr Babor products and traditional methods, this will leave your skin clear, bright and glowing.

Price: $149

OC Zen

Skin Booster and Revitalisation. Improve skin texture, radiance and moisture levels. 

The OC Zen is designed for skin revitalisation. A deep cleanse will remove dead skin, followed by an AHA treatment to improve the skins overall texture, appearance and vitality. 

Increased moisture levels is achieved through a Hyaluron infusion, leaving your skin calm, fresh and radiant.

Price: $199

OC Signature

Clean, Clear, Bright and Hydrated Skin. Complete Customisation.

The OC Signature is our most loved facial to date. Incorporating a deep cleanse, mild enzymatic peel, customised skin infusion using Dr Babor PRO Serums and Ampoules.

Finishing off with a mask and a head & neck massage, this facial will leave you relaxed and deeply hydrated.

Price: $249

OC platinum

Instant Lift, Collagen inducing, fine line and wrinkle reduction

The OC Platinum is our most comprehensive and luxurious facial. Beginning with a cleansing ritual and an enzyme mask for the ultimate skin activation before commencing a lifting InMode FORMA treatment. This facial utilises a growth factor infusion and Collagen Mask while we massage the stress away in your head, neck & shoulders.

Price: $349

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